Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Shows Coming Up

This is a repeat of my "Tips & Tricks" page on my website......

....lots of stuff going on in the studio these days. The spring shows are coming up so that usually creates frantic activity in the studio.

On the easel is a commission of a house in Scarborough that needs to get finished by mid-May.

Under the window are a group of 4 brand new pieces called "Treble Cleff #1,2, 3, & 4. I just picked up the frames today and got them sorted... they are semi-abstract and very textured.

On the desk on the right is an abstract piece that is waiting to be framed with a trilpe matt.... have to get to Curry's tomorrow to get the third matt... Burgunday!

Fresh roses on the windowsill and a glass of wine by the computer complete the picture for this Friday night in the studio.