Friday, February 19, 2010

Paint is flying again...... YEAH !!

After such a long dry spell the paint is finally flowing again in my studio. I pulled out a fresh new canvas 24" x 36" and started a work of two people walking down a tree lined street in the fog. Seemed almost appropriate as I seem to have been in a fog myself these past few months.
I also rescued two works that were started last spring and got turned to the wall to return another day.
Top left is the foggy scene, the bottom left is a local landscape at Halls Rd and Rossland Rd. and on the right on the large easel is a scene behind the Ajax hospital of the woodlot filled with trilliums. I'm working on all three basically at the same time which seems rather ambitious but if I get blocked on one I just switch panels and work on another.
These will probably take awhile to finish but I'm just enjoying the process.

Friday, February 5, 2010

This Week's Marketing Drive Has Been A Success !!!

Well, it looks like I got lucky and my galleries have pulled through!..... Had a number of sales in the past few weeks and it would appear that I'm a hot topic for the moment.

The Cape Breton paintings seem to be popular at the moment and I do hope it continues as these are my favourite works...... they are from the heart and home.

Being born in Cape Breton means that your heart is forever there.... the body travels to other parts of the world but you are never far from HOME !

The latest sale was "Shores of Cape Breton" Acrylic 30 x 40" on canvas.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Marketing and Promotional Week

Need to drive some traffic to my website and generate some sales. This is one of the most difficult chores for artists.......we just like to paint ! Original artwork can be purchased through paypal from the website or you also have the option to purchase prints and cards through my on-line gallery at Fine Art America....

So.... have a peek, make a purchase and know you have supported an artist !

Check out the website for originals

and see the print options and cards at