Friday, February 19, 2010

Paint is flying again...... YEAH !!

After such a long dry spell the paint is finally flowing again in my studio. I pulled out a fresh new canvas 24" x 36" and started a work of two people walking down a tree lined street in the fog. Seemed almost appropriate as I seem to have been in a fog myself these past few months.
I also rescued two works that were started last spring and got turned to the wall to return another day.
Top left is the foggy scene, the bottom left is a local landscape at Halls Rd and Rossland Rd. and on the right on the large easel is a scene behind the Ajax hospital of the woodlot filled with trilliums. I'm working on all three basically at the same time which seems rather ambitious but if I get blocked on one I just switch panels and work on another.
These will probably take awhile to finish but I'm just enjoying the process.

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