Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Painter's block.. the ominus white canvas !

Cheticamp, Nova Scotia - Acrylic 30 x 36
Most artists at one time or another experience what is usually know as a block.... similar to writers block.  We are just not open to ideas and the creative juices have stopped flowing for one reason or another.  There are any number of issues that can be the cause, be it health, family, work related, or just a state of depression.  Sometimes you can't even pinpoint the reason.

It can disappear just as easily as it crept up on you.  My floodgates opened again just this past October.  I was hesitant to go out into the art world again but my husband Klaus coaxed me into attending the Camp Samac Art Show.  All my friends would be there.  I was nervous but got myself in the door and that's all it took.  EUREKA !

It was like I had never left.  Talking to all my friends about art related subjects and looking at all the wonderful paintings on display was like breathing in a gulp of fresh air.

I promised not to go back into my shell and persevere with some studio work.  It was amazing that when I went back into the studio the juices started flowing just like old times.  Lots of ideas for new works and a renewed enthusiasm.

Within a few days I was marketing again too.  Took some work over to the Vault in Oshawa and signed up for the Colour of Life show at Cultural Expressions in Pickering and even had the courage to pursue a solo exhibit in Ajax for the month of July which was accepted.  The Station Gallery in Whitby was having a Member's juried exhibition and I was thrilled to bring in a new piece for judging.  It was entitled "Bridges Between Mind & Matter" - it was accepted into the show !

The biggest enjoyment is the whole process of covering a white canvas with a creative vision and seeing it come to a finished work.

  I'm so thrilled to be back in my