Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Adventures on the horizen

Yes, that's a moving van and we are knee deep in boxes, tape, markers and scratching our head as to where on earth did all this "stuff" come from.

We certainly don't remember dragging a few hundred books home... or who's idea was it to buy a piano anyway!!!

Downsizing is the new "buzzword"... it really just means trying to unload all your junk on anyone who will take it so you don't have to pay to cart it to the local dump.

I'm sure we will feel cleansed when all this is said and done and we are sitting smugly in our new digs sipping a glass of vino on one of our two little balconies overlooking a western view of Oshawa. We will probably also be wondering... " where is that book I've been meaning to read?.. " what do you mean, it went in the box for Friends of the Library??!!**%

I'm really not sure why we felt the need to have three floors of STUFF.... but it was always comforting... we'll maybe not on house cleaning day :)

Of course to add a little humour to the mix, I've started working again.... just when I need to be home packing boxes and worrying about everything... someone offers me a job! Of course I need the job but couldn't I have just won the lottery or something more convenient for the time being?

Now of course, like most people..... we are of the mind that all will be totally wonderful when the move is finished and everything is put away and the new drapes are up - because we will ride our bikes to the park and walk into town and do all those thinks that make such great conversation over a glass of wine in the evening but somehow never materialize in the light of day. Too busy, too tired, it's raining, it's too hot....etc.

We will definitely have fun checking out the neighbourhood to see where all the bookstores are...but I'm sure we'll take the car instead of the bikes :)