Sunday, December 27, 2009

Breaking in a New Sketchbook

Got a new sketchbook from a friend for Christmas and decided to christen it today at the Ajax waterfront. It was very cold although the wind was fairly light. As luck would have it...... they had built a new little bridge (tiny actually) .. just by the pavilion. It just covers a little run-off area.... but me and bridges are always in love !!!!
Klaus went off ahead while I took literally 5 minutes to create the first sketch of the new bridge in my new book. I sketch with a staedtler pigment black liner (made in Germany of course) the ink is archival and acid free..... this info is only relevant to my art friends I guess :)
I caught up with Klaus at the iron bridge and we quickly decided that we'd had enough of the cold.
The attached picture is not from today but another winter sketching at the same place.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twas 3 sleeps before Christmas..... ho ho ho

As I sit here in the studio surrounded by gifts waiting to be wrapped I feel the season taking hold...... the ham is baked and sitting on the counter for all to nibble til the turkey shows up. The shopping is finished, at least as far as presents are concerned. The grocery store shopping will never end...... as long as it's still open I will need something.
This year's Nova Scotia Balsam tree is sending it's aroma throughout the house and I think this is the best tree yet.... extremely large and takes up much of our tiny living room and the angel is kissing the ceiling.... just the way I like it.
We will count our blessings this year and try to not think about our sorrows and hope all will be better in the new year.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moving On

It's been one h....ll of a summer with family health issues.... but it's now time to get back on the treadmill and move on.
This week has been wonderful...... two days at the Ajax club working on some pen & ink commissions... an Oshawa Art Assoc. Exec. meeting and then a PineRidge Art Council meeting.
All the while thinking about the acrylic demo from last thursday which was so inspirational.
I have small art projects to get done for the art clubs for Christmas exchanges and now is also the sign up time for the spring tours so it's a lot to take in.
Hope everyone is in good spirits for the upcoming season and is getting in the mood for the ho ho ho's and LET's EAT holiday time.