Sunday, January 24, 2010

EURIKA !!!!! I'm Painting Again.... YEAH !!

It looks like the spell has been broken! Browsing through the world wide web one day last week and got zapped by inspiration. A new idea took hold and I ran to the closet to find my favourite SHOES.... yes... I said shoes!!!!

Did you know that your shoes evoke memories of where they' ve been and for what occasion they were purchased and where they danced or had lunch.... they even tell you how you felt when you slipped them on and they know exactly what other garments accompanied them on the journey.

SHOES.... they have their own story.

I'm timidly attempting to portray my shoe storey in a series of foot fetish portraits. They deserve it. I've started with the ultimate favourite....... the Red Velvet Stilettos !

Here's a sneak preview....... the photo is a little shiny but you get the drift.

Who knew I had such a relationship with my shoes.


  1. Hi Sharon - looks like they would make a great Ad for the Red Shoe Diaries... Very evocative and sexy. Beautifully done - acrylics?

  2. Hi Sharon, Glad you've broke painters block! Couldn't resist in saying that lots of painters have been in your shoes ha ha :)