Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year - New Adventures - Renued Optimism

  This work is entitled "Dominion Shore Line, Cape Breton Island "

        Watercolour      7 1/2 x 14 "

 So here we go again, looking towards a new year with such optimism.  This past year has been one of health issues and uncertainty and I'm not unhappy to see the end of 2012.
So..... onwards and upwards we go with the dreams of wonderful paintings that have yet to be put to canvas and successful shows that have yet to be realized and new patrons to appreciate our efforts.
My last blog was about our downsizing move to a 3 bedroom apartment from our house in Ajax.  I'm happy to announce that we have embraced the lifestyle that apartment living has to offer.  We also have to tell you that we were coersed into becoming the Managers of the building not six months after we moved in.
You have to understand that this is basically a seniors building with only 4 floors and only 34 tenants other than ourselves.  These residents are amazing, they treat the building as their home and interact with each other as a family.  If one is unwell, everyone is making soup!   A lot of them have lived here for many decades and are weary of strangers.
We seem to have been taken into the fold and are most appreciative.
We can walk to Shoppers Drug Mart, the hairdresser and Bulk Barn....... you can't ask for more than that !
I get to tend the garden, put fresh flowers in the lobby, greet my neighbours every day and learn from those who have done it all.
Happy 2013 to everyone and lets have a wonderful time in the coming year.

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  1. oh dear... you all know that I meant "Renewed" , right?
    Spell check goofed.... lol