Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Trilliums are Blooming

This painting is finally finished.... I think ! This was started last spring when the trilliums were blooming.... family health issues abounded and the work was put away.
I resurrected it a few weeks ago along with some others patiently waiting in the wings.
This scene is behind the Ajax General Hospital in a wooded area I think it's called Clements Woods.
The work is on stretched canvas done in acrylic and measures 36" x 36".
I've also just posted it to the front page of my website.


  1. Beautiful Sharon!!!! I am also resurrecting 1 unfinished work... its a different kind of painting that one, since I feel I have to rekindle that spark that got me started in the first place, which had to be put on hold temporarily. Somehow, the painting turns out much better than what I have imagined... perhaps 'time' was what it needed? Hugs! Marissa

  2. SO beautiful Sharon - Majestic. Love the sense of light. I can hear the woods - smell the earth - such fragile flowers - so very compelling.

    Well done - glad you got to finish.

    Love Judith