Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life in the Art Burbs......

Well, after the last blog about juried shows and planting gardens...... I'm thrilled to tell you that the resident rabbit ate most of the salad garden and topped it off with the morning glory plants for dessert. Life goes on!!

The juried show saga about "waiting by the phone" quickly came to an end an hour after I dropped off my show stoppers....... I received a call that they had been rejected even before the jurying process started... Somehow I had neglected to read the fine print and submitted work that was unframed. Only gallery canveses were accepted unframed.....

Totally my fault and I'll get im next year!!!!!!!

So....... onwards and upwards. The newest work to be completed in the studio has actually been on the studio easel for quite a few months. I'm glad to say that it is now been signed, varnished, photographed and framed.

The working title is also changed to read "Forever and Always" - Acrylic on Stretched Canves 24" x 36".

I've also started a new piece that will be from the Pickering Waterfront - 30" x 40" - Landscape with a twist.

As my mantra says...... "Support Your Local Artist"

It's an investment in the future of our society.


  1. Beautiful painting Sharon - I hope I get to see it in real life!

  2. The most beautifully breathtaking painting I have ever seen - just loving this direction you have perfected. SO very effective!