Friday, September 24, 2010

New Adventures and Different Roads

The only one at the studio easel these days is Teddy! He's a little slow...but hey, not a bad start.
I've been caught up in so many things these past few months that the only art in my schedule is short breaks at the waterfront to do some sketching and reflecting..... there's a new word in there
I've been involved in a program to get spiffed up for back to the business world and get a real paycheck. Finished an 8 week program and now it's off to school to get up to speed on the latest releases from Bill Gates. The first week of classes is history and I survived.... even the Thursday "Weekly Test Day"! One test in the morning and one in the afternoon. I only have 14 weeks to go and I'll be certified (probably literally)!
My sweet Klaus actually tried to make me eat breakfast on my first day of school....... we soon got that sorted! I promised to take an extra sandwich and eat it at recess - that's the best I can do.
My friends have been joking about a school uniform...... well my answer was.. my Cape Breton Tartan Kilt and red stiletos.... keep in mind that my friends are artists, they thought this was fabulous and can't wait to see it.
I did just finish a three day show at the Oshawa Art Assoc. Camp Samac venue and in November I'll have a solo exhibit at the Ajax Council Chambers which should be up til late December.
Durham West Art Centre will also be on my agenda for a one day show on Dec. 4th at the Kinsmen Heritage Centre in Ajax.... watch for the flyers.
Now..... if I could get Teddy to switch places so that he does the homework and I finish the painting..hmmmmm ?????

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  1. Teddy looks like he is reflecting too...have fun at school, don't let anyone bully you and don't forget to give the teacher an apple ;0)